G. Loomis NRX-S
  • G. Loomis NRX-S

    Conditions in saltwater environments can be ideal and suddenly go sideways in a second. Gusty winds and cloud cover pack the potential to hinder the performance of even the most experienced tropical fly angler. When favor is stacked in nature’s corner, level the playing field with fishing tools forged to conquer adversity and other common variables.

    With a primary focus of maximizing versatility, these adaptable actions improve angler capability and expand tactical opportunity in difficult fishing situations. Rolled with our most advanced compound taper construction to date, NRX+ S provides the power, line speed, and loop stability expected from modern fast-action rods, without compromising “feel” and finesse for short shots when clouds turn the light down. This means, regardless of casting distance or difficulty, NRX+ empowers anglers with confide