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The Chocklett Factory is the official brand for Blane Chocklett and his highly-effective Game Changer patterns. This pattern is great for any fish species freshwater or saltwater that you may run into! They will fall, swim and act just like a baitfish.

Whether its low clear water, heavily pressured fish or just difficult species by nature, the Finesse Changers are designed and tied to "match the hatch" and look just like the forage species the predator fish you are targeting eat on a regular basis. 

True to Blane's original design from his book which gives the fly a more realistic look and helps the fly kick and swim just like the real thing!

Chocklett's Finesse Game Changer fly tied with a 10mm shank for the tail, five 10mm shanks for the body and finished on a size #1 Ahrex SA280 Minnow hook. Available here in the white colorway. This fly measures just shy of 3.5" long.

Chocklett Factory 3.5" Finesse Changer white

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