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From Kelly Galloup, " Galloup’s sex dungeon is a monster fish producer, and brings out the the worst in big trout. If we could only choose one articulated streamer to fish the rest of our lives, the sex dungeon would be number one on the list for a couple of reasons. First is its versatility. We use the sex dungeon in darker colors like black, natural, and olive to imitate sculpin and even large crayfish on rivers and lakes across the country. If you are looking to elicit more of a reactionary strike then you can choose to fish the sex dungeon in brighter colors like yellow and white. The second reason that galloup’s sex dungeon is our favorite articulated streamer is probably the most important. Simply put, it catches fish everywhere we take it. I’m not sure you can find another articulated pattern that has caught as many large fish as a sex dungeon has over the last eight years. From giant rainbows in Alaska to trophy browns in Montana, galloup’s sex dungeon will bring out the fish you’ve been looking for.

Kelly Galloup Sex Dungeon - Oilve

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