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Art for a Cause: Raffle

Many of you have come to know and appreciate the artwork of local artist Matt Monahan that is currently hanging and displayed throughout the shop. Recently, Matt's son was involved in a bad car crash that has left him hospitalized with various, serious ailments from the impact of the crash, and although he is on the mend and doing much better now, weeks spent in the hospital ICU and rehab have undoubtedly left the Monahan family with the burden of mounting medical bills. Well, we at The Hatch want to help out the Monahans as best we can, so we will be giving everyone the chance to own of his prints as part of a raffle to help raise money for the cause.  So, starting this week, stop by The Hatch to view the work (pictured below) and to purchase a raffle ticket to own this one-of-a-kind piece. Tickets will be available for $20 for approximately one month, and will be limited to only 100 possible winners. To sweeten the pot, local framing shop Framewrights will be donating a custom frame job for this work, and local craftsman Ken Kocienski is donating one of his wooden, hand-carved brookie nets ($145), bringing the total value to over $600.

We like to do one better, and we encourage anyone who may be interested in purchasing one of his incredible works to do so and we will waive our typical gallery commission to make sure the family receives 100% of the proceeds for the next 3 weeks. Matt's incredible gyotaku prints range from saltwater to fresh, and each one is an original, unique work of art that will look great in your office, home, or as a gift to the angler that has it all. Please consider stopping by the shop to view these works or give us a call at 423-541-4691 to arrange digital raffle tickets or online art sales.

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