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Fish Film Friday

Remember movie theaters? Remember F3T events and just getting out of the house in general? We miss normal life too, and that's why we decided to start Fish Film Fridays, because we could all use a cold beer and to see someone other than our spouses, roommates and teledocs. So, starting this week and all subsequent weeks after we're going to have a happy hour at The Hatch Hideout (our in-store beer bar) every Friday from 5-7pm and each time we're going to air a new (or old) fly fishing film or movie. Did we mention beers are half price? 

From A River Runs Through It to F3T films from years past, each Friday we're gonna get fishy, kick back, relax, and have a cold one with REAL PEOPLE. Alas, we still are living in the time of Covid, so space is limited as we want to keep crowds light. We'll see you there!

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