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The Hatch Outfitters on the Southeastern Fly Podcast

S2 E8 Trip Anticipation, Tannic Water Smallies & "The Movie"

I had an absolute blast hanging out with David Perry of Southeastern Fly and diving into my own personal fly fishing history and touching on a few of the things and experiences that have lead me down the path of fly shop ownership and a life outdoors. I hope you'll take a minute and listen to the interview and I hope that you enjoy it! - Seth


Host of Southeastern Fly David Perry is back on the road for this interview. David is in Chattanooga, TN at The Hatch Outfitters for a discussion with owner Seth Fields. Seth has written articles for American Angler, Fly Tyer Magazine, Gray's Sporting Journal, and is the editor for The Angling Report,  you can read his most recent work about Fly Fishing Cuba at In addition to all his writing and editing work, Seth is the owner and operator of The Hatch Outfitters on Brainerd Road in the Scenic City.

David and Seth talk about how preparing for fishing trips fills you with anticipation and just getting ready for a day or two of fishing is a big part of the adventure. The guys talk about the Menominee River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, tannic water, and fly color selection for streamers on clear and cloudy days. There is also lot of talk about "The Movie" and its effect on the industry and how the current events are also driving the number of people who are interested in fly fishing and the great outdoors.


Listen to the podcast below or on your device via Apple iTunes

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